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As creatures, we were made to acknowledge God’s presence in praise and thanksgiving, and to live in glad obedience to his will. As sinners, we seek to hide ourselves from God, to find a space beyond his reach where we can live undisturbed. God, who remains faithful to his creation even when his creatures prove faithless, will not leave us alone. He seeks us out and finds us; he calls us to account; he reveals himself to us not only as our creator and Lord but as the judge of all (Heb. 12.23). He issues his verdict: He, the Lord, is righteous and holy; we, his creatures, are not. In all its severity, God’s judgement is an act of mercy: He speaks to us; he is present to us. God is with us in our sinfulness! In the face of this mercy, the sinner can only become the penitent and supplicant. We can only acknowledge our sin and say: All the judgments of the Lord are right. We are sinners. We have forfeited our lives. We have squandered our birthright. And yet: You are merciful, Lord; have mercy on us. Do not cast us away, but allow us to remain in your presence—and live. 


[Psalm 51:11]

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AM - Expectation-Surprise!: What should we do?

Led by: Rev Fyfe Blair
Reading from: Luke 3:7-18, Zephaniah 3:14-20

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