Sunday Evenings- Encounter… GOD [Be Holy because I am holy 1 Peter1 v16]


[Be Holy because I am holy. 1 Peter 1 v16]  

  At the heart of our faith is revelation of God. However,  Revelation is NOT to be regarded as some communication of hidden truths, as if God were lifting the veil on something other than his own self. Rather, revelation is God presenting who he is fully to us (in Christ). Such an understanding of revelation should help us see therefore that as God makes himself, his very real presence, known - his character, nature, attributes, to be in Christ means also to be caught up in God’s life.

Consequently, we may not only come to a knowledge of God, but come to be in relation to God. Encounter with THIS God who has made himself known freely and for the establishment of fellowship.

The texts for this series seek to help us explore some of God’s attributes which all say - God is. Given that we are invited then into relationship that we might become holy, righteous, etc. we are to be participants in the life of God (which means his revealed presence attributes etc. should by the Spirit characterise us individually and as the church) & the mission of God now and forever.

“Christian holiness is holy fellowship; it is the renewal of the relation to God which is the heart of holiness. To be a creature is to have one’s being in relation to God, for ‘to be’ is ‘to be in relation’ to the creator, and only so to have life and to act. To be a sinner is to repudiate this relation, and so absolutely to imperil one’s life by seeking to transcend creatureliness and become one’s own origin and one’s own end. This wicked refusal to be a creature cannot overturn the objectivity of the creator’s determination to be God with us, for such is the creator’s mercy that what he has resolved from all eternity stands fast.”

— John Webster, Holiness, p84


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