Sunday Morning: Living LIFE as an Offering

September 2, 2018 at 10:45am

Living Life as an Offering -


We are all conditioned 'consumers'!  We have become conditioned by this need for 'more'. We can easily forget or even ignore the fact that  the Bible has much to say about stewardship of time, money, possessions. Indeed, Jesus had a great deal to say about money - and we don't care for it if we are honest! Money is a sensitive issue in our culture. And yet it is central to our commitment to Jesus Christ and a yardstick to measure our understanding of grace and what it is to live  generously - living our lives as an Offering. 

God is generous and we are called to live and trust in God's generosity and to be generous.

” . . . life does not consist in frantic production and consumption that reduces everyone else to threat and competitor. . . The odd insistence of the God of Sinai is to counter anxious productivity with committed neighborliness. The latter practice does not produce much; but it creates an environment of security and respect and dignity that redefines the human project.” [Walter Brueggemann]

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