Our Vision

Mission: Why Do We Exist?

For a Life of Worship, Life of Love, Life of Service in Christ.

Vision: Where are we heading?

We believe God is calling us to be a Christ-centred Community of  disciples; worshipping loving and serving throughout our community and beyond.

As apprentices of Christ we want to integrate faith into our daily lives as individuals and families.

Life of Worship

We want people to come to a relationship with Christ and as His disciple to be learning, growing and being formed in the way(s) of faith. We want to be a prayerful church that is expectant of God. We want everyone to exercise their God-given ministry as memben of the ‘Body’’

Life of Love

We want to be a congregation where there is both a quality and depth in our relationships. We want to be a church where people feel welcome and come to belong and participate; where love is shown practically within the fellowship and in the community with our ‘neighbour’ where we share our resources. We want to have a servant attitude and approach in loving one another.

Life of Service

We want to exercise good stewardship of all our resources; to be generous. We want to show God’s love locally in Stonehaven. We want to be involved with other congregations and community groups to seek the well-being of the wider community. At a national level, we want to play our part in the Church of Scotland as well as participate in global agencies and mission partners.