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Have you ever been in a busy shopping centre & heard someone calling your name? We often recognize the voice even before we see the person. These unexpected encounters create joy & pleasure in us.  Such was Mary’s delight as she cried out “Rabboni.” Her instinct was to fall at Jesus feet, but Jesus restrained her.  “Go to my brothers & tell them, “I am going to my Father & to your Father”

We cannot meet Jesus until we believe that he is alive; that His tomb is empty.

When we do, we discover that he knows us by our name.  He calls us brothers and sisters.  He invites us to be part of God’s family along with Him. We are awarded the privilege of knowing God as our Father. We come into a new relationship with Him; we can experience His constant presence with us in a unique way through the indwelling presence of His Holy Spirit.  What joy the living Jesus brings to our life!

[Mark 16:9]

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Sermon Replay

AM – Tune my heart : Hopeless

Led by: Rev Dr Fyfe Blair
Reading from: 1 Peter 1:1-7

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