Sunday Mornings - Christ the boat beneath your feet. Assurance [1 John]

April 8, 2018 at 10:45am


Assurance [1 John]

The lectionary offers us this small letter that is jam-packed with good news to alert us, shake us and encourage us to live out faith with assurance. In the face of differences amidst strife, in the face of people who sought novelty all the time in their faith, who denied Jesus was fully human and for them the nature of what the Christian life meant was to be very 'heavenly and spiritual' - many contradictions were faced and they needed much assurance.

The image title: Feel the Boat Beneath Your Feet: [New work for exhibit at St Meinrad Archabbey -Laurie Doctor artist ]- is perhaps a helpful one in so far how we might simply understand assurance amidst contradictions that create uncertainty for us. Christ be the boat beneath your feet.

Nijay Gupta writes:

1 John opens by writing about Jesus, giving a testimony to the 'incarnation'. But he does this slowly to unwrap his message delicately. ... It speaks of the contradiction between saying that we have fellowship with God, and yet live in ways that contradict that relationship. It names the propensity for kidding ourselves about ourselves. The writer says that acknowledging the problem is the first step toward moving beyond it. Things become more specific in later chapters, which speak of the contradiction between saying we love God, while conveying a lack of love by what we say and do.

May we feel the boat beneath our feet.



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