Sunday Mornings - Faith - A firm foundation

Hebrews is one of the most beautifully written, powerfully argued, and theologically profound writings in the New Testament. Its anonymous author summons readers to a vision of reality and a commitment of faith that is at once distinctive, attractive and disturbing.” (Commentary by Luke Timothy Johnson)

This Autumn - the book of Hebrews.

A sermon preached to a dis-spirited, disenchanted people facing life’s challenges.Real and urgent pastoral matters - their tiredness, loss of confidence, etc. The preacher here gives a reminder to them of the shared story we have in Jesus - central to faith and life. He challenges, recalls to an understanding of who Jesus IS and our Christian identity. His appeal to the matters in hand is not to have a new programme or strategy, but preach about Christ and encourge to take heart, to press on, persevere in faith. This is a relevant word to the church now as in any age.

If you want to listen to what the Spirit is saying we can prepare by knowing a little about the book overall. Here are some helps intended to help you explore a little more and prepare yourself for this autumn in Hebrews.

First a clear and simple overview that sets the scene.

It is also good simply to listen. Listening teaches us. a good discipline. While we may not grasp everything, it is good to hear a whole book/sermon. Approached prayerfully, God speaks through the text. Listen.




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