Practice Hope: Honest to God [Psalms]

New series for SUMMER:

Practice HOPE: 

Honest to God.

Sunday Mornings 10.45am

The Psalms in simple terms offer deep insights and truths concerning God and the realities of life. This summer series takes us beyond the equilibrium, coherence and symmetry which can deceive and cover over the realities of life and simply be a cheap salve. Rather, there is a need for honesty with God concerning the way life can be marked by dis-equilibrium, in-coherence and unrelieved a-symmetry. What is the speech of faith in such circumstances? In the Psalms lament is the prayer form that is not a denial of faith, but is honest and also a practice of hope that things will yet be transformed.  Professor Brueggemann wrote:

“....Israel’s trust inimpossibilities from God that shatter and re-characterise life is not confined to the great hymns of praise. The same usage is employed in complaint songs..... That is, trust in the freedom of God to work a newness functions in ancient Israel as a resource for personal distress…”

There is a 'voice of pain’ heard in Israel’s prayer. It is this grieving that permits newness and by God’s grace bears hope awaiting and trusting God’s promise and action.

While each is a stand alone psalm and sermon focus, it is in engaging the realities of life honestly spoken of through these psalm that is cause for us to learn their relevance in our lives aware that faith engaging with this is hopeful.

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