Restore. Rebuild. Renew [Ezra+Nehemiah]

Restore, Rebuild, Renew -

[Ezra, Nehemiah]

Know how to sustain the weary with a word (Isaiah 50 v4)

Our culture loves restoration. Whether it be reality shows about homes restored, stories of lives and relationships restored. Restoration brings hope. We live in the hope that there is Good News for every broken human being as well as the broken systems in our culture. God is the ultimate Restorer – He loves to rebuild, restore, and renew broken lives.

Join us for a quick journey through the books  of Ezra and Nehemiah and what is quite possibly the most famous restoration project in the Old Testament: the rebuilding of the walls and people of Jerusalem. This is a journey to restore hope to a broken people, to rebuild walls of a city that lay in ruin, and finally to spiritually renew a community that had grown spiritually cold. 



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