REVERBERATIONS (Evening Service) 2017

Sunday EVENING @ 6pm

 Reverberations - God's Voice Today!

bat Kol - A heavenly or divine voice which proclaims God’s will or judgment, His deeds and His commandments to individuals or to a number of persons, to rulers, communities, and even to whole nations. The meaning of the word is “sound,” “resonance.” - it means the reverberation or hum, caused by the motion of all things, which fills the whole world and which accompanies the human voice and every other sound.
Walter Brueggemann explains that the prophets “speak in images and metaphors that aim to disrupt, destabilize, and invite to alternative perceptions of reality … [They] speak in outrageous and extreme figures because they intend to disrupt the ‘safe’ construals of reality, which are sponsored and advocated by the dominant opinion makers.”
In other words, prophets blow up the old paradigms in order to make room for the new. They take seriously the power of language both to enslave and to liberate, to critique and energise.
We journey with the minor Prophets to listen for that reverberation in our own day. Each week there will be introductory clips to provide an overview of the prophetic book.
The this week -(+ video intro )    

Malachi - Questions….Answers. (Is God still our God? Are we still his people?)








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