Sunday Evening: Silence BROKEN!

NEW SERIES: Silence broken!

God’s command to SPEAK!!+

There are always dominant voices whether the world, in a nation, a group that would seek to silence others, to coerce/repress any inconvenient speech that would challenge ‘empire’ norms, the status quo.  Breaking silence though is not always constructive, some silence breakers are equally ‘destructive’, so we should not overly romanticise this.

Yet the Church has a part in breaking silences as God is a God who himself ‘speaks’, who is a God of justice and truth and ‘for’ the oppressed, marginalised, etc. Indeed, prayer may be said to be an intrusion into the places of power on behalf of another. As we consider the texts, we ought to be conscious of those repressed voices in the world today.

The texts we explore concern people finding ‘voice’ whether that is in relation to others or God.


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