Sunday Evening - Witness to the Resurrection

April 28, 2019 at 6:30pm


Witnesses to the Resurrection+

Following Easter it is more about ‘witness’ as the theme, especially to the Resurrection. Bonhoeffer is seen to ask a question: 

who Jesus Christ actually is for us today? Asking this in what he called a religionless age and his concern for how the question might assist the church to recognise the reality of Christ in the midst of the world. The relevance of the church’s witness, our witness brings us to face the same question in our age.

“The dead Jesus Christ of Good Friday and the resurrected Lord of Easter Sunday:  this is creation out of nothingness, creation from the beginning.  The fact that Christ was dead did not mean the possibility of his resurrection:  it meant the impossibility; it was nothingness itself. There is absolutely no transition, no continuum between the dead and the resurrected Christ other than the freedom of God, which created his work from nothingness in the beginning…He, who is the beginning, lives, annihilates the nothingness, and creates the new creation in his resurrection.  From his resurrection we know about the creation, for if he were not raised, the Creator would be dead and would not bear witness to himself.  From his creation, however, we know once again about the power of his resurrection, because he remains the Lord of the nothingness.”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer “I Want to Live These Days with You”

In Acts we see how this unfolds and the envelope is expanded and the disturbances/disruptiveness this causes in the world and the early Church. Also the ways that everyone is having to learn to navigate the upheaval that the resurrection brings in, changes everything. 



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