Sunday Evenings The Revolution - Jesus is King!

From beginning to end, Matthew is the story of how Jesus is “God with us.”’

This is the revolution we encounter in Matthew's Gospel. 

At the point we enter the Gospel readings we are concerned with following Jesus as the suffering Christ  by faithful living and a call to discipleship. However, this is set within a somewhat turbulent setting of rejections, etc.  in which Jesus, and the church, which is being more clearly defined, expose what is passing away of the old order by declaring and living out the Kingdom message which confronts and is seen as offensive. Throughout and particularly in this set of texts/passages the Revolutionary nature of the Kingdom and declarations of Jesus is King is made plain.

This gospel story ‘calls forth and trains a community of interns and agents who live in the transformed time and space that is the ‘empire of heaven’, bearing witness to God’s presence and power among the nations. Wherever these witnesses go, the one whom all power has been given goes with them.’ (Saunders Preaching the Gospel of Matthew). 

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