Sunday Morning -‘Tell out my soul’ -Advent&Christmas;

Tell out my Soul

We will reflect upon the message of Mary through Advent helping us to discover the interuption, the disruption of His coming and the way God is present with us and to consider the hope and JOY before us even today. Come and join the reflective journey towards Christmas and the celebrations of this wonderful good news - Jesus Christ is born!

“It’s the gospel before the gospel, a fierce bright shout of triumph thirty weeks before Bethlehem, thirty years before Calvary and Easter.  It goes with a swing and a clap and a stamp.  It’s all about God, and it’s all about revolution.  And it’s all because of Jesus—Jesus who’s only just been conceived, not yet born, but who has made Mary giddy with excitement and hope and triumph.  In many cultures today, it’s the women who really know how to celebrate, to sing and dance, with their bodies and voices saying things far deeper than words.  That’s how Mary’s song comes across here.”  (N.T Wright, Luke for Everyone, p. 14,)

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