Sunday Morning - The SHOWING [God Revealed]

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+The SHOWING [God revealed] +

The subject of revelation is always God. Of ourselves we cannot know God unless he makes himself known. Unless God intervenes. In all things it is ‘God who upholds us, who places himself in our path, who becomes our limit, who demands the keeping of his commands,commands, who demands that we let ourselves be disturbed in our acts, that we learn to consider that we are human and not God.’ K. Barth. 

The point of revelation  is ‘not to grasp, but be grasped’. 

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Sunday Morning Service
20 Jan 2019 10:45am
Under 3s
21 Jan 2019 10:00am
21 Jan 2019 7:30pm
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22 Jan 2019 10:00am
23 Jan 2019 7:00pm
Under 3s
25 Jan 2019 10:00am
Friday Fun Church 2019
25 Jan 2019 3:30pm
The Haven
26 Jan 2019 10:30am
Sunday Morning Service
27 Jan 2019 10:45am