Sunday Morning - Women’s Voices through LENT

Lent 2018 - Women's Voices...

Sometimes we read of jesus journey towards the Cross and we are drawn in by particular aspects, be it people, situations or what is said. This Lent we try to listen to those voices that we might easily miss. We will have a range of voices from women whose voice is clear, others who speak breifly and from the background. These are voices though that raise questions and perhaps gain fresh persepctive and insights for faith. You are invited to listen through Lent. 



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Sunday Morning Service
25 Feb 2018 10:45am
Sunday Evening Service
25 Feb 2018 6:00pm
Paint & Pray
27 Feb 2018 10:00am
The Guild
27 Feb 2018 7:30pm
Heart For Art
28 Feb 2018 1:30pm
Sunday Morning Service
04 Mar 2018 10:45am
Sunday Evening Service
04 Mar 2018 6:00pm