Invitation to a Journey 2019

One definition of Christian Discipleship or Formation is:

a process of being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others.

It is a way of 'becoming' that is gradual and not 'instant'. Indeed, not every personality is suited to an early morning quiet time. One can see from history and tradition, as well as speaking with other Christians who express their piety differently in habits and disciplines that help them to be immersed in relationship with Christ. This begins with establishing good habits with the Bible and prayer.

In 2019 we want to encourage you to sample the range of daily reading notes that are available and encourage you to see which one might work best for you at this time. Some are published notes, others will be via app. 

Each month you can find a new suggestion to explore and try out.


You will notice on our home page that there is a link to readings from Sanctuary First. There is so much more on the website to explore. Go try it out.(HERE)

Sanctuary First is a Pioneer Ministry being developed by the Church of Scotland through Falkirk Presbytery. The concept was originally developed out of the congregation of St Andrew’s Parish Bo’ness but has transitioned into what might be described as a fresh expression of church under the direct governance of Falkirk Presbytery. Albert Bogle was appointed in April 2016, as minister of Sanctuary First.